Francis & Benard Field Outfield Fencing Update

The fencing has been approved by the City of Milford. Now all we need is your help in raising the funds for the fencing.

The fencing will allow our children a safer environment to play baseball, the thrill of swinging for the fence to hit a homerun as well as give us the ability to host tournaments. How can you help?
  1. You can ask the local businesses you patronize for their support. Follow this link to the website and print out copies of the donation form. Any restaurant you visit, store, dentist - ask them if they would be interested in donating to JML, and in turn they get the great opportunity to advertise to 500+ JML players, their families, in addition to out of town tournament guests! Click HERE  for sponsor information.
  2. MetLife Stadium - If we can get 50 or more people (over the age of 18) to commit to working in the concession stand at MetLife Stadium for 2 - 4 events we could raise approximately $15,000. Which would be a major opportunity. If you, a family member or friends would be willing to commit to this, please let me know by August 16th. It is a big commitment with a big payoff!
  3. Milford JML Car Show, on Sunday, October 20th beginning at 8:30 am at Wasson Field. Click HERE  for more info.
  4. JML Night at Title Boxing Club, on Tuesday, October 29th. Click HERE  for more info.
  5. JML Fundraising Event at the Orange Ale House on November 9th from 5pm - 9pm for $15 (cash bar), this includes food and entertainment. Click HERE  for more info.
  6. Do you have some ideas, or interested in helping our children’s baseball league? Join the fundraising committee. Contact Jennipher at