Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can play?
  2. How is the league setup?
  3. How much playing time will my child receive?
  4. When does the season start?
  5. What equipment does my child need?
  6. Do I need Insurance?

Who can play?

Any boy or girl who is a residence of Milford and between the ages of 4 and 18 is eligible to play baseball with the Milford Junior Major League. The age cutoff date is May 1. For the 2016 season, your child must be born between December 1, 1997 and April 30, 2012.


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How is the league setup?

The Milford Junior Major League is affiliated with Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth Baseball. The various divisions based upon a players age are provided below.



Ages # Games
Cal Ripken T-Ball 4 & 5 12-15
Cal Ripken T-Ball6 6 12-15
Cal Ripken Rookie 7 & 8 12-15
Cal Ripken Minor 9 & 10 12-15
Cal Ripken Major 11 & 12 18-21
Babe Ruth Babe Ruth 13 13 18-21
Babe Ruth Babe Ruth 15 14-15 18-21
Babe Ruth Babe Ruth 18 16-18 18-21

Instructional Divisions (T-Ball and Rookie) are formed by school district as best as possible. Late registrations are placed on a space available basis. So register early.

Minor, Major, Babe Ruth 13, and Babe Ruth 15 Divisions are formed through the draft process. Babe Ruth 18 is a competative division with teams being formed by tryouts. A returning player to the same division as the previous year is placed on the same team. All new players to a division must attend the scheduled evaluations to be eligible for the draft. While this process is not perfect, it is the best method that we have found to achieving balanced teams.

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How much playing time will my child receive?

All "Cal Ripken" and "Babe Ruth 13" divisions use a continuous batting order, meaning that all players present for the game are placed in the batting order. Our bylaws also specify that each child play a minimum of 2 defensive half innings. Babe Ruth 15 and Babe Ruth 18 do not have a minimum playing time requirement.

Exceptions are made for shortened games. Playing time rules are important. If you believe that your child has not been given their fair share of playing time, check with the manager immediately. If this doesn't work contact the judiciary board.

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When does the season start?


Teams will start practice the beginning of April, with games starting the last week in April after opening day. The season runs through the end of June. The Babe Ruth 13 program will start the end of April and run through June. The Babe Ruth 15 & 18 programs will start after the High School season usually the first week in June and run through the end of July.


Teams will start practice the middle of August, with games starting the last week in August (first week in September for Instructional Divisions). The season runs through the end of October.

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What equipment does my child need?

Players only need a glove and bat. A protective cup as well as shoes with cleats (rubber for Shetland - Bronco Divisions) are recommended. The league supplies batting helmets, and catchers gear. Each player gets a uniform including pants, jersey and cap. The players get to keep the entire uniform.

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Do I need insurance?

No! The league carries liability and medical insurance. However, if your child is injured and requires medical treatment and you have medical insurance, all claims go through your insurance carrier as the primary coverage with the league insurance acting as secondary coverage.

Any injuries requiring medical treatment must be reported to your team manager or the executive board within one week of the injury. Our policy will not accept claims after 12 months of the accident date.

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